Underwater Video Cameras
How can you capture breathtaking underwater images? Underwater video cameras will show you how!

How can you capture breathtaking underwater images? Underwater video cameras will show you how!


You can document breathtaking sights with underwater video cameras. Record your scuba diving adventure with waterproof housing for your Sony handycam. Get professional advice on taking beautiful photos with an Atlantis underwater camera. With the right lighting and equipment, youíll be surprised at the clarity of the images you can capture with underwater cameras.

Transfer all your still digital shots to your PC with underwater cameras. Create DVDís for all your friends, so that they can experience the Great Barrier Reef and other underwater adventures too.

Keep reading for the most information on top of the line underwater video cameras from Atlantis, Sony and more manufacturers.

Recording Underwater

The abundant life of the ocean has fascinated people since the dawn of time. Documentaries and scientific photographers have sought out many ways to capture the flora and fauna of the ocean.

In order to provide in depth photos and video footage of oceanic life cycles, superior underwater photography equipment has been created.

Now, as underwater cameras have reached the consumers market, many people are discovering the majesty of the ocean through the eye of a camera lens.

Light travels at a different rate under the water, bending and splintering from the substance of the ocean.

Using the right underwater video cameras will increase your ability to take clear, true to color images in lakes, rivers and oceans.

Hereís a great tip from the professionals: use a strobe light to maintain warm colors at lower depths.

Types of Underwater Cameras

With todayís high tech digital cameras and video camcorders, recording underwater images is very affordable.

There are many other uses for underwater cameras other than photography. such as search and rescue tools, exploring and documenting shipwrecks, monitoring swim areas and fishing.

Letís check out the two main types of professional underwater cameras:

  • Sea-drop
  • Offshore trolling

Sea-drop cameras, video cameras and infrared cameras are operated by a remote control. Itís a perfect way to monitor pools, scuba divers and trolling boats.

Water resistant features include deeper recess, wide angle lens, and a durable body. The best part is that it connects into your camcorder, so you can view and record deep water images.

Offshore sea trolling cameras have been specially designed for fishermen and videographers. This lens is made for trolling at high speeds and can be used as a substitute for a drop camera.

General underwater cameras for amateur photographers or families should include a few basic features. For instance, look for high resolution color, low light operation, impenetrable camera housing, recessed lenses, and optional accessories.

Accessories like a hand held reel, marine or LED lens, flipper, alarm, strobe handle, and a carrying case are smart add-ons.

Underwater Camera Housing

An underwater camera housing is the perfect way to bring your digital camcorder or 35mm camera on your next scuba diving vacation.

Protect your camera when shooting pictures underwater with a lightweight housing. This gear is specifically made to keep moisture and water away from your video camera and equipment.

A basic underwater housing package will include a waterproof camera head, cable reel, stabilizing fin, weight adapter and video connectors. Your own camcorder or video monitor should fit into this water resistant system.

Underwater housing is great for vacations, still water photography, surveying, remote visual inspections, and environmental monitoring.


Find the best brand names in underwater camcorders and camera housing, like Sony, Amphibico, Atlantis, Canon, Olympus, Nikon, Caseo, Pentax, Panasonic, Aquatica, Kodak and more by going to our buyers guide.

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