Digital Video Cameras
Long lasting digital video cameras can record for hours

Long lasting digital video cameras can record for hours


Learn everything you need to know about digital video cameras with this hot online guide. With reviews on Sony and Canon digital video cameras, you can compare quality and make the most informed choices. Digital camcorder reviews take a professional look at both the positive and negative features of digital video cameras.

Itís easy to find high speed digital 8 and mini digital video cameras online. Learn now to work Panasonic and Hitachi DVD camcorders from the privacy of your home. Keep reading for easy digital camcorder reviews from your best online resource on all digital equipment.

Digital Video Cameras

Record the important moments in life, from your childís first birthday to her university graduation, on long lasting digital video cameras.

New digital technology gives you enhanced picture quality, from multi-pixel color processing in three distinct camcorder formats:

  • DVD
  • Mini-DV
  • Digital 8

For rich resolution, you canít beat DVD camcorders. With 500 lines of resolution you can capture anything from major concert events to wedding ceremonies, all on one movie disc.

With easy plug in to your PC, the images you record from your DVD camcorder can be edited, altered and touched up with the right online applications.

Mini-DV camcorders are one of the most popular and fun ways to record memorable moments. Featuring multiple recording features, they also offer high-quality resolution.

The best part about mini-DVís is how compact and lightweight the gear is. Itís easier than ever to be discrete when recording a special day.

If youíre just catching up to the new digital revolution, have no fear. A digital 8 camcorder gives you the ability to play back your 8mm and hi8 tapes.

Digital 8 has the same great imaging quality as mini-DV and DVD, with a slightly lower recording time.

Each of the three formatting abilities of digital recording has a unique feature to offer. Find out which one is best for you, by browsing the rest of this great website.

Comparing Cameras

If you're planning on purchasing a digital video camcorder, there are a few key elements that you should consider:

  • Picture quality
  • Compatibility
  • Capacity
  • Features

Itís worth paying a higher price for a superior picture and sound quality. Look for the amount of resolution lines and number of pixels contained in your camcorder.

The higher the color, resolution and contrasting abilities, the more true to life your images will appear to be. Enhanced colors, like the lush purple of a flower, or flushed cheeks of your child playing outside, will bring you back to that very moment.

The picture and sound quality of both mini-DVís and digital 8ís are very similar.

The real question about whether to purchase a DVD, mini-DV or digital 8 camcorder, lies in its compatibility with your playback equipment.

Each digital format is more compatible with a particular type of playback. For instance, DVD camcorders work with DVD players, while mini-DVís are compatible with VHS and Super VHS. Digital 8 camcorders can play Hi8 and 8mm tapes from the past.

The capacity of digital camcorders, refers to its ability to retain a certain length of recording time.

Mini-DV and DVD camcorders are well known for having the longest recording capacities. The best choice of camcorder really depends on your particular needs.


You can find the most top brand names on all digital video camcorders with our hot online buyers guide.

Find top models from Panasonic like PV-DV102, PC-DV402, and PV-DV702.

Sony offers many popular models like DCR-TRV230, DCR-TRV350, DCR-TRV19, DCR-TRV22, and DCR-TRV33.

Check out the rest of this site, or visit our buyers guide, for more information on all camcorder brands, such as Canon, Samsung, Toshiba, JVC, Hitachi and more.

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