Video Camcorder Repair
How your digital video camera warranty could save you money on costly camcorder repair

How your digital video camera warranty could save you money on costly camcorder repair


Learn about camcorder repair with this top online guide. Get the most information on a digital video camera with a camcorder review on Sony, JVC, and Canon camcorders. The best tips on everything from digital video camera protection, storage, transportation and camcorder repair.

Find helpful advice on insuring your digital equipment with warranty and service center information. We can help you find a quality digital video camera model with a realistic camcorder review.

Keep reading for general care tips for your digital video camera. Take care first, so you wonít need camcorder repair later.

Caring for Camcorders

Taking care of your newly purchased camcorder comes down to basic common sense.

There are several ways you can ensure that your digital video camera stands the test of time. With this great online guide to camcorder care, we provide tips on:

  • Cleaning
  • Recharging
  • Avoiding problems

Keeping your digital video camera clean from dirt and debris really goes a long way. One thing to remember, donít try to clean your digital equipment parts without the aid of specialized cleaners.

For instance, head cleaners for Mini-DV, Digital 8, and DVDís are the perfect solution for interior dust. Head cleaners insert into the camcorder easily and provide a dry, non-abrasive cleaning system to remove dirt, dust and other image distorting particles.

What about cleaning your analog camcorder? Head cleaners made in 8MM tapes, will work in the same way.

Keeping your battery power at maximum capacity will also help to provide long lasting care for your camcorder. If your batteries are low, they can drain other areas of the digital equipment, which can cause eventual strain to your video camera.

Itís a good idea to have many high-quality, rechargeable lithium batteries in your camcorder pack. Digital equipment utilizes a lot of battery power and will leave you short of power if youíre not prepared.

Use alkaline batteries like Digipower or Energizer for your analog video cameras. Another handy tip is to bring a power adaptor along on your travels.

Although common sense alerts us to the dangers that could harm our camcorders, we all need a few reminders.

Many people donít know that airport security systems can harm or distort the capabilities of our digital and video cameras. If youíre traveling with your camcorder, avoid the metal detectors.

Metal detectors have a magnetic pulse that could ultimately erase all your pictures from the assignment or vacation you have just documented.

Transportation & Storage

Today, there are so many measures you can take to protect your camcorder from traveling damage.

For instance, utilizing video camera accessories is more than just convenient. A high density padded carrying case, with shoulder straps can save you money in the long run by protecting your camcorder from bumps and scratches.

Avoid damaging accidents like jarring, bumping and dropping your camera. Repairing a camcorder costs a lot more money than purchasing a simple protective carrying case.

To find a carrying case that fits your camcorder, look for the same manufacturer as the camera. For instance, Casio, Contax, Fugi, HP, Kodak, Konica and Minolta produce traveling cases designed specifically for their video and digital cameras.

Storing your camcorders and digital discís properly is very important. Always conceal your tapes from extreme temperatures that cause humidity. If youíre storing your camcorder protect it from direct sunlight and freezing temperatures.

Hereís a fast tip on Ďdefrostingí cold tapes. Wait a full 24 hours before attempting to use a tape or DVD that has become very cold. This will ensure that condensation doesnít make its way into your camcorder, and cause irreversible damage.

Insuring your Camcorder

Learning how to insure your camcorder, before you purchase it, is probably the smartest thing you can do to protect your investment.

There are a few straightforward ways to protect your camcorder, with insurance, warranties and guaranteed service center clauses.

A good warranty will cover many elements, like:

  • Free from defects
  • Service repair plans
  • Lifetime defect replacement

You should never accept a warranty from a manufacturer that does not take sole responsibility for all workmanship and material defects. If your warranty doesnít cover this aspect, look for another manufacturer.

If your warranty insures you against production defects, make sure this guarantee will remain active for the life of the video or digital camera. This is called a lifetime guarantee.

A lifetime guarantee will replace or repair your camcorder if the manufacturer is at fault. Good warranties will also offer a refund policy.

Remember that most warranties will not cover any damage that is caused by accidents or mishandling.

If you have a service plan in your warranty, remember that you arenít covered if you take it to anyone else but the manufacturer to have it repaired.

Warranties will cover several different types of service plans and packages. Always ask what types of service plans are available for your camcorder before purchasing it.

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