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Warning: Camcorder owners -- are you losing power? Quality Camcorder batteries & camcorder battery chargers can solve your problem

Warning: Camcorder owners -- are you losing power? Quality Camcorder batteries & camcorder battery chargers can solve your problem


Learn how to use camcorder battery chargers, and how to properly care for camcorder batteries.

Youíve found the best online guide to camcorder batteries and brands, like Panasonic, Sony, Magnavox, Canon, JVC and more.

Find out how you can use universal camcorder battery chargers to ensure long lasting recordings on your vacations. Using replacement or aftermarket camcorder batteries is a smart way to go. Keep reading for the most information on camcorder batteries online.

Types of Camcorder Batteries

Donít forget to pack backup video camera batteries for your next day trip, or to your childís wedding.

Itís important to capture every moment of your special event, without worrying about running out of battery power.

There are several types of regular batteries on the market, like alkaline and zinc cell. However, neither of these battery types can operate specialty equipment like camcorders and digital cameras.

Cylindrical lithium and replaceable cylindrical lithium batteries are ideal for all camera and camcorder devices.

Lithium batteries have a superior design and shelf life than that of regular alkaline batteries. This is the reason they are more expensive than regular batteries.

The benefits of lithium camcorder batteries far outweigh the higher cost. For instance, they operate in a wide range of temperatures. This allows you to shoot in extreme outdoor conditions, or under the hot lamps of a studio.

There are many types of lithium batteries available:

  • AAA
  • AA
  • 9V
  • C
  • D

To look for the correct battery for your home video camera or camcorder, look for the AH rating, voltage, run time and dimensional needs.

Universal AC/DC battery chargers are an ideal way to recharge your lithium batteries when you are on the go.

Rechargeable or aftermarket lithium batteries are available from many top name battery manufacturers.

Battery Brand Names

With so many brands of batteries available on the market, which one should you choose?

For top quality, always look for a name that has a reputable history and a long standing record of success. Many manufacturers specialize in the specific needs of camcorders and digital video cameras.

For the top brand names in the industry, check out batteries and chargers from Panasonic, Lenmar, Canon, Hitachi, JVC, Sharp, Sony, Fugi and more.

Go to our online buyers guide to find brand names such as Gemini, GE, Bell & Howell, Siemans, Sima, Memorax, NEC, Bescor, Arkor, Ambico, Satter, Fisher, Twinn, Saba, ITT and Sanyo.

Check out Nokia, Philips, Ultrapower, Varta, Megavox, Quasar, Hitachi, Radio Shack, Wards, Jasco, RCA, Ricoh, Goldstar, Aiwa and Chinon.

Tips on Battery Care

Rechargeable lithium batteries have the highest energy source available on the market today. They are perfect for portable camcorders and other photography equipment.

Although they have a low self-discharge rate, proper battery care will ensure that your camcorder battery has a long life.

Remember that replacing batteries because of negligence can be costly. Here are a few suggestions to help you keep your batteries at their maximum charge capacity:

  • Charging
  • Storing
  • Exercising

If youíve purchased a replaceable lithium battery, try charging it three times in a row before use. You may find you get longer running time this way.

Keep your Li-Ion batteries from fading; remember to charge them as required before storage.

Always store your batteries in a dry, cool place. Leaving your camcorder batteries exposed to direct light, or freezing temperatures can ruin them, even lithium batteries.

Rechargeable lithium batteries are environmentally friendly if disposed of properly. Do your part to ensure that youíre not wasteful.

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