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I-CUBE adds image database and digital video recording software to product line

I-CUBE adds image database and digital video recording software to product line

I-CUBE, a leading provider of imaging products and systems for science and industry, announced today the addition of two specialized imaging software packages aimed at satisfying application requirements that to date have lacked clear solutions.

Thumbs Up™ Digital Asset Management Software from Graphic Detail offers powerful image and data management in addition to search capability. Thumbs Up™ goes well beyond the average image database. Boolean, Integer, Date, Time, Text and Alphanumeric fields are user definable and configurable. An intuitive interface and ease of use, multiple viewing options for viewing the entire database or a single record, and the ability to make modifications quickly and easily. Using familiar concepts such as "catalogs" and "collections" minimize data entry errors and speed cataloging of assets with managed choice lists. Target markets include digital microscopy, pharmaceutical/biotech, law enforcement, forensics, photography, publishing/graphic arts, and advertising. Single user to enterprise wide installations are supported, starting at $995 for a single, end user copy.

StreamPix™ Digital Video Recording Software from Norpix can record live uncompressed or compressed video directly to your PC's RAM or hard disk drive in real time. StreamPix can be interfaced to RS170, color, or high resolution digital cameras with a sustained throughput up to 60 MB per second. Using an intuitive "Virtual VCR" interface, images and clips can be stored in standard file format including TIFF, JPEG, BMP, or AVI. Support exists for many popular frame grabbers and digital cameras. Applications include motion analysis, flow analysis, web inspection, non-destructive testing, surveillance, and various medical applications. Pricing starts at $495 for a single end user copy.

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