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Pelco DX3100 series DVRís powerful remote software Streams up to 16 channels of video

Pelco DX3100 series DVRís powerful remote software Streams up to 16 channels of video

The new Pelco DX3100 Series Digital Video Recorder raises the bar for what you should expect in a DVR. With its amazing proprietary MPEG compression and the most powerful remote software available anywhere, you can stream up to 16 channels of video from several remote locations. In addition, the DX3100 includes an easy-to-use interface tied to its embedded operating system that will give you superior performance and reliability for years to come, along with excellent image quality and built-in event storage capacity.

With up to an amazing 5:1 compression advantage over DX3100 competitors, you will realize significant cost savings up front Ė where it counts. And you can anticipate using much less hard disk space to store the same amount of video with the DX3100 than is possible with any other DVR in its class. Another standard feature of the DX3100 is its ability to copy events to its onboard backup storage device, which allows you to copy up to 300 images or three minutes of video to this floppy drive at the push of a button. You can also maximize your hard disk space by strategically using the systemís daily record schedule and built-in video motion detection to get up to several months of recording time Ė providing even more savings.

Further maximize your investment with the other standard features found on the DX3100, including built-in multiplexer functions, PTZ control of positioning systems such as Spectra III or Esprit, and an infrared controller (IR-Remote) Ė usually available only as options with other DVRs for an additional cost. Together with its maximum recording speed of up to 30 images per second, the DX3100 replaces traditional analog Multiplexer/VCR combinations in price and performance.

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