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Atlantic video at the Manhattan Center debuts with Ikegami HD cameras and monitors

Atlantic video at the Manhattan Center debuts with Ikegami HD cameras and monitors

The newest commercial HD-hybrid facility, featuring Ikegami full digital high definition cameras, is making it big in New York City. Atlantic Video at the Manhattan Center is providing production management, staffing and facilities for three new ESPN shows, “Cold Pizza”, “The Sports Reporters 2” and “Cheap Seats”, and has specified Ikegami cameras and monitors for their high-quality imagery and reliability. The array of Ikegami cameras on the sets include four HDK-720 HD studio cameras, four HDK-720P portable HD cameras and two HDL-40 CMOS one- piece full digital box-type HD cameras.

With Ikegami cameras, Atlantic Video at the Manhattan Center expects to have a lasting impact on HD and SD production values, both locally and all over the airwaves. “Ikegami and Atlantic Video, working together, have really set a new standard here in NYC for quality,” says Todd Mason, President of Atlantic Video at the Manhattan Center. “If you’re a producer, you want a great-looking show that stands out. Content and talent is important, and Ikegami’s technology definitely picks up the best of everything that you’re putting in front of it.”

A highly advanced new production center, Atlantic Video at the Manhattan Center joins Atlantic Video’s Washington, DC facility, also equipped with multiple Ikegami cameras, as a premier provider of production management and original programming for broadcasters. Ikegami’s deep experience with digital broadcasting and multi-format HD/SD camera design made them the obvious choice to help make “Cold Pizza”, a daily two-hour weekday morning show broadcast in SD, stand out with a crisp look and attitude customized for ESPN viewers.

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