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JVC introduces the 310dpi GV-SP2 digital system printer

JVC introduces the 310dpi GV-SP2 digital system printer

JVC has developed the new GV-SP2 Digital System Printer as an ideal way to print out and enjoy images taken using JVC's GR-DVL9800 Digital Video Camera, or other compatible units coming soon.

This unit is ideal in two ways. First is the incredible 310dpi resolution 16.77 million full color prints that offer more than enough quality to accommodate the XGA stills and captured DV stills of the GR-DVL9800. The second reason is the exclusive JVC-developed interface shared among these units that makes direct image data transfer possible from the GR-DVL9800 to the GV-SP2 via printer terminal.

Since all operations are controlled at the camera and not the printer, all you'll need to do with the GV-SP2 is hook up a single cable. Image data is not called into the printer but instead is prepared at the camera, optimized so that the best possible results will be attained in conjunction with the GV-SP2, and printed out quickly.

The GV-SP2 is also special because it's able to make 600x 400(150mm x 100mm) borderless prints without any white framing. And since it is also equipped with a USB terminal, connectivity with the latest personal computers is assured. This high-value performer is sure to boost the appeal of JVC's GR-DVL9800 and subsequent products as an output device that brings out the best of their picture performance.

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