Multiple Digital Video Cameras
ASTAR’s Series III supports unique multiple video capture support

ASTAR’s Series III supports unique multiple video capture support

ASTAR, Inc., announces a unique method of capturing video simultaneously from multiple digital cameras. The integrated solution provides complete synchronization of simultaneous video clips from digital cameras. The synchronized videos can be captured using ASTAR’s unique audio hit sensor or by simply clicking the mouse.

“With the ever increasing use of digital video, it became imperative to provide a solution that allows multiple digital video cameras to be used to capture a sports motion from multiple views” says Ray Barger, CEO of ASTAR. “Capturing multiple video streams with our technology was not the real challenge. It was providing a means to automatically synchronize them during capture. Our customers really like the inherent ability in the Series III to touch only one tab button and get multiple videos to the same location quickly. We felt it essential to provide this capability when capturing from multiple digital cameras simultaneously. The new solution provides a lot of flexibility for our customer.”

The multiple camera capture technology can be for analog cameras as well. If using analog cameras, each video is captured by a separate video capture device thus removing the need for splitters or mixers. Also these capture devices can be either internal boards or external USB devices or a combination. Using analog cameras negate the automate synchronization but the videos can be synchronized with the ASTAR software after capture. This technology can also be used for mixing analog and digital cameras on the same system.

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