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Crime fighting - 21st century style on Staten Island

Crime fighting - 21st century style on Staten Island

Imagine Staten Island police officers using a cylinder-shaped underwater crime-viewing camera with a real-time audio screen to catch criminals. Or what about night-vision devices and other state-of-the-art technology in the hands of local law enforcement officers to help solve crimes and protect residents?

Sound far-fetched? Not if Congressman Vito Fossella (R-NY) has anything to do with it. Fossella is determined to include Staten Island in a federal program that last year alone distributed $258 million in state-of-the-art military equipment and technology to over 11,000 local law enforcement departments throughout the country.

The Law Enforcement Special Support Program, authorized under Section 1033 of the Defense Authorization Act of 1997, allows the Department of Defense to allocate surplus military supplies and equipment to local departments to beef up their crime-fighting ability. On Staten Island, Fossella said he would like to see the equipment directed to the three precincts as well as local firehouses and the borough's two volunteer fire companies.

"This program offers us a unique opportunity to significantly upgrade our crime-fighting equipment at virtually no expense to residents," Fossella said. "It is not far-fetched that Staten Island police officers may soon be solving crimes using state-of-the-art military technology. That would give our local law enforcement officials a step up on criminals and certainly help them conduct more intricate, precise and detailed investigations. In addition, our local fire departments and volunteer companies could certainly reap the benefits of this technology to better protect residents and themselves."

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