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IOXperts gives Mac users access to more than 30 USB video cameras

IOXperts gives Mac users access to more than 30 USB video cameras

IOXperts, Inc. announces release 1.0 of its USB WebCam Driver for Mac OS X. Priced at $19.95, the IOXperts USB WebCam Driver gives Mac users full-speed access to dozens of USB video cameras, either available only for the PC or not supported by their vendors on Mac OS X.

More video and video conferencing applications are becoming available on Mac OS X, but people shopping for inexpensive webcams find that most models don't support Mac OS X. IOXperts has been working for over a year to solve this problem for the Mac community. The software supports more than 30 USB webcams, including many of the most popular models from Logitech and Philips. Over the course of the beta period, the company has been steadily adding support for additional cameras.

IOXperts VP of Engineering Dave Koziol talked a little about what the company has in store. "Upcoming versions will definitely include support for some of the cameras on our customers' most wanted lists," he said. "We will be extending support back to Mac OS 8.6 to support users with older machines, including those with USB upgrade cards," adds IOXperts CTO, Steve Sisak.

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