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ADS Tech USB Instant DVD+DV empowered with Divio NW721 DV Codec

ADS Tech USB Instant DVD+DV empowered with Divio NW721 DV Codec

Divio Inc., a pioneer in integrated digital video chip designs, today announced that its single-chip NW721 DV Codec delivers MiniDV digital camcorder connectivity over IEEE-1394 for ADSí new USB Instant DVD+DV. By including the Divio Codec in the ADS Tech plug-and-play device, users can capture audio and video from MiniDV camcorders and other DV devices for direct burning to a CD/DVD disc or editing on a PC.

MiniDV digital camcorders have rapidly emerged as the standard in consumer video recording and with the proliferation of multimedia PCs in consumer households, home movie editing has become a leading application. MiniDV camcorders record content digitally in high-quality DV format and can transfer pure digital signals over IEEE-1394 connections. The Divio NW721 DV Codec leverages this capability and enables the ADS Tech USB Instant DVD+DV to directly connect to MiniDV camcorders over IEEE-1394. The result is a pure, digital-to-digital path with no loss of picture quality.

Designed with the highest-quality hardware components and the latest software tools, ADS Tech USB Instant DVD+DV is the first USB-based capture device that connects directly to the DV output of a digital camcorder and converts raw DV footage into DVD video for direct-to-disc burning. This capability provides users with the fastest way to create DVDs or CDs for sharing and archiving. The easy-to-use plug-and-play device can also be used to transfer analog or DV format video to a desktop or notebook PC for editing. In this instance, raw video footage is converted to MPEG-2 and sent to the PC via high-speed USB 2.0 in real time.

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