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Debut of the JY-HD10U makes it possible for all professionals to produce in HD

Debut of the JY-HD10U makes it possible for all professionals to produce in HD

JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY is premiering the world’s first professional hand-held camcorder with full HD recording capabilities: the JY-HD10U. Sales of HD capable displays and projectors have been skyrocketing, but the cost to produce in high definition has been prohibitively expensive for most professional videographers. JVC has responded by developing the 1 CCD (1.18 million pixel, 16:9) JY-HD10U, a flexible, affordable HD digital camcorder that will make it possible for video professionals at all levels to enter the HD production market.

Now, videographers on a limited budget, in such industries as event, education, corporate, and government, can produce in high definition without a significant investment in equipment. Multiple Recording Modes Meet All Professional Needs By providing the unique ability to record in both HD and standard definition, the JY-HD10U is a total solution for today’s video professional.

All together, there are three resolution modes; HD at 720/30p and SD at 480/60p or 480/60i. The two progressive modes (720/30p, 480/60p) use native 16:9 from the CCD with MPEG-2 compression, and the standard mode (480/60i) is 4:3 with DV compression. All recording is on common MiniDV tape.

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