Elura Digital Camcorder
New Model Will Become Consumers' Ultimate Personal Imaging CompanionTM

New Model Will Become Consumers' Ultimate Personal Imaging CompanionTM

Canon Canada Inc., a leader in optical and digital imaging technology, today announced the introduction of the Elura MiniDV Camcorder. Functioning as both a digital still camera and video camcorder, the compact Elura distinguishes itself as the ultimate personal imaging companion with features that include three shooting modes: Video, Photo and Progressive Scan Digital Motor Drive, a 12X optical zoom and Canon’s Optical Image Stabilization System.

The Elura’s Progressive Scan Digital Motor Drive mode enables users to extract high-resolution full frame stills from fast-paced action sequences. Recording 30 frames per second, the Elura performs three times faster than any professional 35mm SLR camera on the market enabling consumers to capture images normally undetectable by the human eye.

"Consumers and business users embraced Canon’s first hybrid DV camcorder, the Optura, because it combined multiple camera types into one,” said Mr. Ian Macfarlane, Director of Sales and Assistant General Manager, Photographic Products Group. “Elura’s success will be driven by the product’s Optura-like performance features, as well as its lower price, more compact design, and the emergence of DV-ready computers by leading manufacturers such as Compaq and Apple."

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