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Canon introduces first DV camcorder with interchangeable XL lens

Canon introduces first DV camcorder with interchangeable XL lens

Canon Canada Inc., the leading manufacturer of optical imaging technology, continues to break new ground in the video industry with the introduction of the new XL1 digital video camcorder. The XL1 is the worldís first DV camcorder to incorporate a Canon exclusive Interchangeable XL Lens Mount System which works with Canon XL video lenses and EOS 35mm camera lenses. In addition, the supplied 16X Optical Zoom lens boasts Canonís new SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer -- the most advanced image stabilizer available.

The XL1ís complete package of professional quality features, image quality and versatility reign supreme among other 3-CCD camcorders within the Mini-DV category.

"We have known for quite some time that the video market was ready for a DV camcorder with our new Interchangeable XL Lens Mount System. Based on the popularity of Canonís first interchangeable lens product, the Hi8 L1, we are confident, given the productís superior imaging power, stability and versatility, that pro and semi-pro videomakers will embrace the XL1 with equal, if not more, enthusiasm than our L1 or L2," said Mr. Ian Macfarlane, Director and Assistant General Manager, Photographic Products Group.

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