Compact Camcorder
Handheld infrared videocam

Handheld infrared videocam

Indigo Systems has introduced ThermoCorder™, a compact infrared camcorder. With one simple connection, this unique system allows the integration of Alpha™, the world’s smallest, lightest infrared camera, with commercially available Sony camcorders via the Intelligent Accessory Shoe. The result is a 2.6 lb. visible and infrared video recorder in a single, compact package. The Alpha is powered by the Sony camcorder battery, which operates more than three hours on a single battery charge. The infrared images can be viewed on either the LCD display or color viewfinders.

Real-time imagery can be recorded on DV tape or single images can be stored on a Sony Memory Stick. ThermoCorder is available for use with any Sony camcorder featuring the Sony Intelligent Accessory Shoe. Sony Memory Stick and Intelligent Accessory Shoe are trademarks of the Sony Corporation.

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