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New models take advantage of world's most compatible recording format

New models take advantage of world's most compatible recording format

Sony of Canada Ltd., Canada's leading electronic and computer products solutions provider for consumers and business, today introduced two new DVD-based camcorders that advance the simplicity of making and sharing videos - the Sony DCR-DVD100 Handycam® and the Sony DCR-DVD200 Handycam.

The new camcorders produce DVD recordings that play back in most current home personal computers and DVD players, as well as most later releases of PlayStation®2 game consoles. They record on 8 cm. (3-inch) DVD-R and DVD-RW media.

"There is a universe of more than 100 million products that can play back Sony's DVD camcorder recordings, making these DVDs one of the most compatible formats available," said Hiro Futsukaichi, Senior Marketing Manager, Digital Imaging Products, Consumer Audio Visual/Information Technology Group, Sony of Canada Ltd. "In addition to their incredible compatibility, DVDs also present one of the easiest ways to shoot, play and share video memories."

These new camcorders also capture JPEG still images for viewing on either a PC or television. The DCR-DVD100 Handycam captures 640 X 480 pixel images, ideally sized for sharing as e-mail attachments, while the DCR-DVD200 Handycam model incorporates a 1 megapixel imager to produce higher quality video and still image resolution (1152 X 864 pixels). Both models can take thousands of still shots at the highest still resolution on a single 8 cm. (3-inch) disc.

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