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Boinx iRecordNow 1.0 turns iSight into a digital camcorder

Boinx iRecordNow 1.0 turns iSight into a digital camcorder

"The goal of Boinx iRecordNow is to turn your iSight into a digital camcorder that is as easy to use as a real world camcorder," says Florian Albrecht, Software Designer at Boinx Software, a division of GeBE Computer & Peripherie GmbH of Munich, Germany. "The simple, one button operation that you are used to from your real world digital video camera was the central theme of our vision". In a review, Derrick Story, managing editor of the O'Reilly MacDevCenter, called iRecordNow a "nifty application". "One of the things that impressed me was the quality of the capture", he said in his article on

More fun with your iSight

Boinx iRecordNow is the second application by Boinx Software, targeted at expanding the uses for your digital hub equipment, in this case especially the Apple iSight. Like Boinx iStopMotion, it aims at bringing fun and excitement into the digital world.

Ease of use

Boinx iRecordNow features a simple, one button interface. You press the record button, it starts recording, you press the button again and it stops and creates a clip file on your computer. The format of the clips and the compression can be determined by simply choosing one of several predefined settings. The movie clips can then be imported into iMovie or Final Cut Pro for postproduction.

Control camera properties

Another key feature of Boinx iRecordNow is the ability to control camera properties such as brightness, saturation and color hue even while recording. In a future version, Boinx Software plans to support the iSight's unique focus control. This opens up the application for artistic purposes.

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