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Canon launches ES7000V and ES300V camcorders

Canon launches ES7000V and ES300V camcorders

Canon Canada Inc., the leader in optical imaging technology, introduced today the Hi8 ES7000V and the 8mm ES300V. Both models provide a wealth of high performance features for superior recording and viewing including a large rotating colour LCD view screen, Canon’s powerful 16X Optical Zoom lens and Low Power Consumption Circuitry which doubles battery life. For added convenience, Canon also offers optional accessories that extend continuous recording time for up to twelve solid hours. Both models incorporate a PAL 60 Playback function allowing users to view their videos in a foreign country on a PAL 60 TV.

"The ES7000V and ES300V represent another example of how Canon meets a diversity of consumer video recording needs," said Mr. Ian Macfarlane, Director and Assistant General Manager, Photographic Products Group Division. "Versatile features and expanded compatibility distinguish these camcorders as the perfect video companion for consumers or professionals conducting international business activities."

The ES7000V uses a high resolution 3.5-inch colour LCD view screen while the ES300V uses a 3-inch colour view screen. Both screens are designed to rotate 180 degrees to suit a variety of shooting positions, while composing shots. Ideal during leisure and business travel, this is a convenient feature that allows multiple viewers to see recordings and hear the audio via a built-in speaker - a particularly beneficial feature when a TV is unavailable.

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