New DVD camcorders from Hitachi

New DVD camcorders from Hitachi

With DVD now firmly established as a star product in both the consumer electronics and PC sectors Hitachi is now broadening the appeal of its Emmy-award winning DVD camcorder concept with the launch of three new models, all of which offer DVD-R recording compatibility.

DVD-R format discs can be played back in the vast majority of existing home DVD players so buyers of the new Hitachi models – designated the DZ-MV200E, DZ-MV230E and the DZ-MV270E – will no longer have to rely on the camcorder as a domestic playback device. "Our new DVD camcorders will change the way consumers record, edit and play back their video recordings," says Hitachi’s Roland Fritsch.

The new range of DVD camcorders represent a unique ‘convergence’ bridge between the AV and PC environments and will offer users the best of both worlds. A DVD-R is a write-once disc that holds 30-minutes of high quality DVD video (single-sided) and can be played back in DVD players and DVD-ROM drives. Now it’s possible to use DVD-RAM as the initial rewritable recording medium in your Hitachi camcorder, edit your footage in your PC (either using a USB computer connection plus Hitachi's optional PC editing software, or via a PC DVD-RAM/DVD-ROM drive) and then "burn" back onto DVD-R - via the camcorder - for maximum compatibility.

And because Hitachi’s DVD camcorders use versatile MPEG2 video compression technology users can also select between extended recording time or increased recording quality where the DVD-RAM discs are concerned. They hold a minimum of 40-minutes of the highest quality DVD video (20 min/side), one hour of high quality DVD video (30 min/side) or two hours of standard quality video.

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