Digital Camcorders Reviews
Digital Camcorders - capture your precious memories forever

Digital Camcorders - capture your precious memories forever

Welcome to the most intricate website on digital camcorders, the DVD camcorder and video cameras online. Here you’ll find top reviews on large names in digital camcorders, like Canon, Panasonic, Sony and Hitachi.

Compare prices on Sony video cameras and other professional digital camcorders in our online buyers guide. Start your search for the most digital equipment right here. Read about the history of the DVD camcorder.


We use camcorders to record our favorite moments throughout a lifetime of memories. Everything from a child’s first birthday party to major world wide events have been caught on personal home video recorders.

Moments of history and news pieces that have affected us all, were often caught by a passing witness with a camcorder. With the growth of digital technology, the camcorder has become more than just a personal home recording device.

With professionally graded resolution, color and shading, digital video cameras are now tools to create and edit beautiful imaging. Let your imagination run free, to build a collection of memories that look as poignant as you remember them to be.


The idea of documenting memories, events and eras, caught the world’s attention with the introduction of the first movie camera.

Edison planted the seed for an industry that would soon mean so much to the world. The first commercial motion picture machine, called the kinetoscope, was presented to the public in 1893.

A mere three years later Auguste and Louis Lumiere had taken this idea one step further to create the first film projection device.

Into the twentieth century, the fascination with motion pictures grew. Little did the world know how many historical moments in time these new machines would capture.

Devastating World Wars, monumental advances in industry, social political movements, and awesome discoveries of the twentieth century have all been recorded on tape.

From within the eye of the camera, new generations have learned from and given meaning to the past.

In the last half of the twentieth century, the media has been a driving force in the evolution of the camera. Yet, with the first video camera, the public had the opportunity to record memories of a more personal kind.

Stemming from the rise of analog video cameras in the eighties, camcorders have become digitized for sharper imaging and all-purpose use.

The latest step in camcorder innovation has allowed us to record memories on DVD and project them onto the big screen.

Camcorders capture our personal memories, to relive time and time again.

Digital Cameras

Today you can find camcorders in a multitude of sizes and types, with many fun features and extras.

Digital Video Camcorders are essential especially if you have young children. Those family memories are priceless! Don't wait - buy your camcorder now! Don't forget that you can always use a credit card to buy your camera. I collect Air miles and therefore I'm a little attached to the American Express Cards. I use the air miles credit card and receive a free vacation every year from all the travel miles that I accrue, which really helps out financially when you have a family of more than 2 people. In the USA I recommend collecting rewards using the Chase Travel Visa card.

Palmcorders, mini DV’s and digital 8 formatted camcorders allow you to interconnect many applications at once. For instance, you can connect your camcorder to your PC, webcam, DVD, and more.

The increasing benefits of digital technology is allowing camcorders to be found in more and more homes around the world. Longer recording power, DV navigation and still capture are just a few of the perks that you can expect from digital video cameras.

Some of the best features include, color slow shutter and hologram AF for shooting in the dark. Smooth interval recording means that you can capture true to life motion, despite your experience with cameras.

Anybody can use and reap the benefits of digital camcorders, from these great manufacturers: Sharp, Canon, Hitachi, JVC, Panasonic, Concord, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony. Find more manufacturers and merchants in our great online buyer’s guide.

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